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Home to “The Land of Make Believe Map” by Jaro Hess as well as other Fine Art.

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“The Land of Make Believe Map”

Desert Landscape

Expansive desert landscapes captured with artistic intimacy, and, sensitive observations of the deserts flora.

Images of Maine

Arizona and Maine photographer and artist Allan Rosen-Ducat presents his would from his time spent in southern and Downest Maine.

Mashuga Moose®

There are some crazy moose out there in the forest. , especially during hunting season.


Allan has a rare gift for making his clients feel comfortable in front of the camera.  Offering portraiture for individuals families and groups.

What types of prints are available?

The Land of Make Believe Map is available in different types of reproduction.

“The Land of Make Believe Map“is available framed up to the image size of 20 X 30 inches.
The image below is shown framed with a cover mat with a slight space between the image and the mat.
This is
the largest [Framed] print able to be shipped within the US.

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Eighteen years of respect and admeration…

Rosen-Ducat Photography & Imaging is in the eighteenth year of reproducing, “The Land of Make Believe Map” by Jaro Hess.

Hess’s creation has been sought after by every generation since the 1920’s.  The illustration has provided comfort, distraction, and adventure to children of all ages.  Hung on the wall of a child’s bedroom, the day’s childhood challenges and conquests are lost along the many turns of a fantasy map.

Over fifty of our cultures well-known folktale and fairytale story characters are illustrated where they live, in, “The Land of Make Believe Map.”

Fine art reproductions and fine art photography, as well as works by additional artists.

Photography by Allan Rosen-Ducat

Portraitist and Landscape  Allan Rosen-Ducat during the year spends time photographing Maine, Philadelphia and, Arizona.
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The Land of Make Believe Map

Rosen-Ducat Imaging is entering into it’s eighteenth year of providing reproduction of, “The Land of Make Believe Map.”

Cartoon Character Mashuga Moose®

Rosen-Ducat is also an illustrator.  He has illustration relating to, the environment, Mashuga Moose® and ADHD.